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me and my girlfriend. <3


if you kill a dog in your comic/movie/story/whatever

i’m going to stop and put it down

i can’t deal with that. it’s not a trigger, it’s just something I really can’t deal with.

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So we created our own gods.

So I just read the first two trades of this series, and it’s awesome. I immediately went and added it to my pull lost and ordered the next two trades because I’m so confused. It’s awesome.

YES YES. Morning Glories is SO AWESOME! I’m so glad someone else is reading it!!

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Oh, my freaking heart. <3 (band reference yay)

I adore Kate. Oh, she is so fucking awesome. Her opening monologue thing? So quotable. So I don’t have powers? I’m going to do it anyway!

The art is so neat and clean. I really like the stark black lines and the panel organization too. Then there’s Billy & Teddy, who of course are just the cutest things in the world.

I’m super into this. :]


Is X-Men Legacy any good? Should I read it?


Wow, this is addicting. I’m still kind of amazed that the RCPL actually had these. I’m thinking of one volume per night til I’m done. Then I’ll tackle the single issues I also checked out. I love comics. <3


Here are a few conclusions I’ve come to:

  • I’ve decided to write something Steph-centered. I’m not sure if it’ll just be fic or in actual comic format, which I’ve always wanted to try.
  • DC has no idea what the FUCK they are doing with ANY of their properties.
  • DC will ALWAYS disappoint me.
  • I’m still going to buy Batwoman, Dial H, and Before Watchmen: Ozymandias. Because Kate Kane is amazing, China Mieville is my idol, and I just fucking love Adrien Veigt. <3

I feel like all of these are really easily resolved. :/ I love them both, but this seems like it’s going to be pretty boring.

I’m just bitter because Magik isn’t involved.


China Mieville is penning a “Dial H” revival for DC comics! This is pretty much the only good news I’ve heard from DC in many, many months!


Sean Murphy is a fucking madman with a bottle of ink.

Looks like Chicago to me.

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